DIY Choker

I’m a little late to the choker trend. I couldn’t justify paying more than $10 for a ribbon or chain choker. I saw this ankle bracelet at the store and figured I could add a small piece of chain from a roll that I had lying around so I did. I’m considering adding rhinestones to it at some point. What do you guys think of the choker trend?


Tucson Coffee

I’m still in Tucson helping with family stuff but I did make it out to one of my favorite coffee shops called Crave Coffee Bar. They remodeled the entire place and it looks amazing. The lighting and seating arrangement are definitely welcoming. Stop by if you’re ever in Tucson visiting! They have the cutest reading corners. cravecoffee

Digital Detox

Sometimes I get worried that everything has come down to humans being on their phones, tablets and computers. The internet and social media are great tools to advance careers and businesses, but it’s also a great way to pass the time. Back in time, people were constantly working with their hands and on their feet so it’s no wonder that people working office jobs are constantly aching from back and joint pain.

Some of the benefits associated with less time on the digital side include: better sleep, stronger relationships, improved posture and a stronger memory. If we limited our usage on phones and computers, imagine how much more healthy we would feel. With all that being said, the less time I spend online the more time I have to think creatively. I’m finally working on making updates to my blog and reconsidering some of the topics I want to share here.

1digital detox

Product Styling: ALLSAINTS Foldover Bag

As someone who never spent a lot of time or effort investing in handbags I’m becoming slightly obsessed with every detail and aspect of my wardrobe, including handbags/clutches/backpacks, etc. As I grow older, I realize the importance of knowing my style and understanding how to use each piece in my closet for years to come. I recently stumbled upon this clutch by accident (I was shopping for a black leather satchel). As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was coming home with me and I put back the Balenciaga bag that I was about to splurge on.

Everything about this clutch is amazing. The suede, the leather stitching, the silver strap. I’m obsessed and I’m so happy I found it in time to pair with all my summer looks. I wore it out to lunch with my friend on Sunday and it was easy to use and there was enough space for my wallet, lipgloss & keys. I styled it here with a Theory pleated skirt (similar here), Under Armour short sleeved hoodie nude heels and of course silver hoops b/c it’s all I seem to wear these days. Get the bag here.


Beauty Routine Part 2: Make-Up

I’ve always had naturally clear white skin and didn’t experience acne growing up, but I do breakout at least once a month and more so lately which I relate back to stress. Growing up I never used makeup and if I did it was the occasional lip gloss or mascara. Nowadays I only wear full coverage for a special occasion and sometimes for blog pictures. Regardless of the makeup routine I am going for, I keep it light and simple. Lip gloss and filling in my brows are my two favorite makeup routines.

My fave products:
1. Simple moisturizer – here. I switched from L’Oreal to Simple and noticed a huge difference. My skin is not oily after wearing it all day and it keeps my face actually moisturized. The no artificial perfume part is my favorite because I have sensitive skin.
2. NYX pore filler – here. Previously I used the Maybeline pore filler, but I ran out. I have been using the NYX brand now and I can see a huge difference.
3. Foundation – here & here. I alternate between the NYX Matte foundation and the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse Foundation. I can create a full coverage look with both brands depending on how much foundation I use. They both do a great job and last throughout the day.
4. Concealer – NYX & e.l.f. I prefer NYX for a heavier look and e.l.f. for an everyday look. I like them both because they are light weight.
5. Lip gloss – here. My favorite kind to use is the Lancome juicy tube. I’ve been wearing it since high school! It gives a long lasting shine, it’s kind of thick but that gives me a fuller look.
6. Mascara – here & here. Better than Sex mascara is a little pricey, but it really works for my short/non existent lashes. I also use any kind from Maybelline – the brushes usually always work for me!
7. Blush – here. Butter London Cheeky Blush is my favorite!

That’s pretty much it and I usually use these items on a daily basis (If I leave my house).


Beauty Routine Part 1: Hair

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about my beauty routine, which is shocking to me because I rarely spend anytime caring about that so I decided I would break it all down in three different posts including: hair, makeup and skin care.

Since cutting my hair I’ve had a harder time than usual styling it, but realized it got easier when I started using the right haircare products for dry/thick/curly hair. My hair is naturally coarse and dry, therefore I can only wash it every four days. I style my hair about twice a week and just touch it up daily. I workout at least one to two times a day so dry shampoo is also my best friend.

Here are some of the products that have been working for me:
1. Shampoo – I wash with head & shoulders and add two pumps of the Rusk shampoo to it since my hair is dry
2. I add two pumps of olive oil + L’Oreal EverStrong Sulfate Free Serum before brushing it after the shower
3. Microfiber hair wrap right after the shower for 30-50 minutes
4. Vidal Sassoon Heat & Protect Spray before heat styling
5. L’Oreal EverStrong Sulfate Free Serum during hair styling and while hair is divided in sections (applying during you have your hair in sections will keep the style in longer)
6. Garnier Fructis Sleek Finish 5-in-1 Serum Spray
7. I use a regular Colgate tooth brush to brush my hair from my roots to ear
8. Batiste Dry Shampoo

That’s really about it! Up next, I’ll review some of my makeup routines.

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